Idea Ball Profile: LeadingAge Dallas 2013

This year at LeadingAge Dallas, the intent for our booth was to generate positive ideas, both big and small, on how to move the senior living industry forward. As the economy improves, things are looking up and we wanted to find some common themes that seemed to resonate across the industry. Often challenges are easier to come up with than solutions, so by asking booth visitors for positive ideas, we hoped to spark conversations to move the industry in a positive direction.


The answers were as diverse as the people who shared them – oftentimes reflecting the part of the industry they represent. After carefully analyzing the ideas, we found 10 primary thoughts:

  1. Culture/Model Change
  2. Voice for Residents/Respect for Seniors
  3. Understanding/Kindness
  4. Future Focus/Innovation
  5. Marketing/Lead Generation
  6. Technology
  7. Regulatory/Financial Changes
  8. Educational
  9. Fun
  10. Inspirational

The big idea that emerged was change in cultural service models within our communities.

While the ways of change varied, the underlying idea was empowerment through innovations to reflect the lifestyles of our evolving senior constituency.

Many responders suggested sharing best practices and helping each other in order to make the industry more helpful to those we serve. Innovation and creativity was another theme reflecting change.

By working together to come up with more creative ways to serve the shifting needs and wants of seniors, the industry will be more effective and successful.

Giving a voice to our residents and having an understanding of their needs was also a very common theme. It’s right there in the name of the industry, senior living. We all are dealing with the lives of seniors. Aren’t they the ones who know best what they need and want? It's easy to get so caught up in our daily endeavors and forget to ask those we are serving what they think would be best for their future. Spending time fostering a better understanding was an idea many attendees thought would help our residents.

And through all of our efforts remember that life is fun. No matter their age, every person wants to have a little fun and happiness in their lives. With every initiative we undertake, be positive, have a bright outlook and remember that life is too short not to have a good time.

The DHD Perspective

As an industry, we should focus on a collaborative effort to create the best possible environment to serve seniors while empowering them to be part of the change through innovation, kindness and positivity.

If you think your community or organization could use a big idea, DHD would like to help. Give Sue Harrison a call at 312-683-5102 or send us an email.

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