Power Forward

Making the complex more compelling

The problem we solved

A leading manufacturer of hydraulic cartridge valves, manifolds and electro-hydraulic controls sought to better define their brand promise, and separate themselves from their competition.

What we did

Developed a customer-focused rallying cry “Power Forward”. The message is active and seeks to create the expectation of innovation. The position and graphic architecture was implemented across all media channels.

Why it works

Within the last year alone, visits to the HydraForce website are up 13% with an increase of 173k+ visits and 84k new visitors. Qualified leads have also increased exponentially by 113%, improving the conversion rate by 0.1%.

Take us out for a spin.

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A historic location

The historic 333 North Michigan Avenue Building was constructed in 1927 on the site of Fort Dearbon, the first Chicago settlement built in 1803. Fort Dearborn was strategically positioned along the Chicago River making it a prime location for travel and trafficking goods – and now it positions the building in heart of Michigan Avenue.

The first thing you notice is the unmistakable art deco design. It was derived directly from Eero Saarinen’s designs for the Chicago Tribune Tower and his Grant Park skyscraper proposal. A bas-relief frieze by sculptor Enrique Alferez winds around the building, commemorating Chicago’s pioneer past while adding exquisite detailing.


333 North Michigan Avenue