Davis Harrison Dion COVID-19:  Updates and Alerts


September, 2020

We are open for business and working at full capacity

Maintaining Momentum

Our clients can be confident that we are here to help them maintain their momentum through this unprecedented sequence of events. We cannot emphasize enough that now is not the time to turn out or even dim the lights. Your clients, customers and the public need to know that you are still here throughout all of this.

Looking Towards the Future

Let everyone know that you’re ready for this disruption to end. Let them know what you have planned and what they can look forward to. This pandemic will likely end relatively soon; and when it does, it is reasonable to expect that our strong economy will return shortly thereafter.

Call Us

Now is not the time to be shy. Call us if there is anything you feel needs to be rethought or replanned.

Monitoring the Situation

DHD is steadfastly monitoring all official federal and state agencies for operational guidance. Our associates have the ability and are encouraged to work from home if they are not feeling well or worried about infection. We will update this page regularly and will broadcast an email message in the event of any significant updates.

Take us out for a spin.

We’re confident all it takes is one assignment for you to be sold on DHD. Whether it’s branding, an integrated campaign, a website or a direct marketing effort, we’ll take on any challenge to prove we’ve got the talent, fire and desire to be your marketing partner.