Nothing beats the rush of great advertising. Heads start nodding. People start acting. Phones start ringing. At Davis Harrison Dion we create advertising that evokes both the raw and rational from your consumers. We harness this energy to build your brand and fire up your employee base. And it doesn’t matter whether it’s business-to-business or business-to-consumer, because it’s about delivering advertising that strikes a chord with your audience.

No stuffed suits or plastic yes-men here.

Davis Harrison Dion is a nationally recognized Chicago advertising agency focusing on business-to-business, tourism, hospitality, senior living, and financial services marketing. Everything we do is designed to move the needle. Whether the goal is lead generation, sales or brand position, we establish benchmarks, and more importantly, measure against them. In addition, we pride ourselves on the breadth of our experience and our services:

  • ■ Advertising
  • ■ Direct Marketing
  • ■ Graphic Design
  • ■ Logo Design & Identity
  • ■ Naming and Trademarking
  • ■ Promotions
  • ■ Event Marketing
  • ■ Packaging
  • ■ Media Buying
  • ■ Media Planning
  • ■ Demographic Insight
  • ■ Value Add
  • ■ Internal Communications
  • ■ Photography and Illustration
  • ■ Brand Strategy
  • ■ Brand Positioning
  • ■ Client Services
  • ■ Research
  • ■ Web Design
  • ■ Digital
  • ■ Social
  • ■ Analytics

The DHD Poll

The most important thing I expect from my agency is

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  • As a marketer, what do you consider the biggest challenge in your profession?
    • 31% Measuring the ROI of my efforts
    • 27% Generating leads for sales
    • 12% Working together with sales
    • 7% Getting budgets approved by the CEO/CFO
    • 7% Lead nurturing
    • 7% Understanding how to incorporate social media into marketing
    • 5% Justifying marketing's role to the CEO
    • 4% Other

    Source: GlobalSpec 2013 Trends in Industrial Marketing.

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We’re confident all it takes is one assignment for you to be sold on Davis Harrison Dion. Whether it’s a branding assignment, integrated campaign, a website, or a direct marketing effort, we’ll take on any challenge to prove we’ve got the talent, fire and desire to be your marketing partner.

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A historic location

The historic 333 North Michigan Avenue Building was constructed in 1927 on the site of Fort Dearbon, the first Chicago settlement built in 1803. Fort Dearborn was strategically positioned along the Chicago River making it a prime location for travel and trafficking goods – and now it positions the building in heart of Michigan Avenue.

The first thing you notice is the unmistakable art deco design. It was derived directly from Eero Saarinen’s designs for the Chicago Tribune Tower and his Grant Park skyscraper proposal. A bas-relief frieze by sculptor Enrique Alferez winds around the building, commemorating Chicago’s pioneer past while adding exquisite detailing.


333 North Michigan Avenue