A fresh approach.
An optimistic outlook.
Strategic energy.

Stacked Stones

What sets our work apart are fresh thinking and creative messaging. DHD is dedicated to positioning and developing brands and campaigns that build market momentum and response. We design programs with a clear focus on your objectives. 

We leverage your resources by engaging prospects, expanding awareness and infusing emotion and soul into all marketing efforts. From target audience definition and segmentation, to considered purchase and direct response expertise, we will deliver and execute campaigns that will strengthen your brand, respect your budgets and achieve your goals.

Short Pencil

How we service our clients

DHD’s size and structure offer the resources and industry expertise of a large agency with the efficiencies and personalization of a smaller agency. It’s just as important to us as to you that your account is handled effectively and efficiently. Your account will be staffed with an appropriate team of account service, creative, digital and media personnel. This team will be responsible for marshaling the resources of the agency to work on your behalf. Based on scope of services needed, from research through execution, our services are flexible and scalable to meet your deadlines, goals and deliver measurable results.

We'll get you where you need to go

The most effective communications speak not merely to audiences and markets, but to the individuals who comprise them. The objective of our approach is to connect on a personal level through carefully targeted creative ideas that embody how the people who are your prospects, feel; reflect how they think; discover what they value.


A clear understanding of brand positioning

At DHD, positioning begins with BrandStorming. This pre-design discovery phase is designed to ensure that messaging optimally aligns with the needs of both stakeholders and key audiences from the get-go. Using both qualitative research and ideation methodologies, the BrandStorming structured session works with key corporate, marketing and sales management to elicit insights, focus internal perspectives and illuminate achievable opportunities. The results become the foundation for positioning and strategic messaging to drive the project forward.

Analytics Display

Everything we do is designed to be measured

At the end of the day, it’s about results and ROI, to move forward we must first understand where we stand. InSite is our structured, comprehensive website audit process that analyzes all the metrics of the current site including structure, content, responsive design, SEO, etc. The resulting InSite Report provides valuable insights, identifying strengths, weakness and opportunities. It also establishes the benchmarks against which to evaluate new messaging, marketing and communications. InSite is the first step in our website development.

Experience working with boards and stakeholders

We have a successful track record of working with a wide variety of associations: government funded, industry and charitable n‑f-p’s. We know how to work with all levels of an organization: top management, executive boards, regional/​local boards and membership. We’re sensitive to the roles and influence different stakeholders play in the development and approval process, especially when changes are being made to an established organization. We know how to build bridges and consensus.

Take us out for a spin.

We’re confident all it takes is one assignment for you to be sold on DHD. Whether it’s branding, an integrated campaign, a website or a direct marketing effort, we’ll take on any challenge to prove we’ve got the talent, fire and desire to be your marketing partner.