4 Reasons to Integrate Video Into Your Marketing Strategy

If you are looking for creative ways to ensure that you stand out from the competition in your marketing efforts, videos are a fantastic option that provide a variety of great benefits. In recent years, there has been a rapid shift from text and visual content to video content. Organizations and businesses who are slow to adapt to this change might find themselves dealing with underperforming websites and marketing campaigns. Here are the four principal benefits of integrating video into your website or marketing campaign. 

Video Content Provides a Significant Return on Investment

Videos can lead directly to sales. Studies have shown that 74% of users that watched an explainer video for a product or service, subsequently purchased it. Integrating a product video on your landing page can also increase conversion rates by as much as 80%. A lot of the information transmitted to our brain is visual, so a primarily visual experience is a very effective way to engage a customer. In addition, to being able to shoot quality videos with a smartphone, online video editing tools have improved consistently and have become more affordable and intuitive to use.

Improved Message Delivery and Visitor Engagement

If your product or service deals with complex or heavy amounts of information, it might be very time consuming and unlikely for your audience to quickly grasp such information. Fortunately, producing custom videos is an ideal way to get your message across in a format your potential customers can easily comprehend. And with such vast amounts of information and content available on the internet, people may no longer have the attention span needed to absorb a lengthy amount of text. Therefore, visitors are likely to spend more time on a website with video content. Of course, video content shouldn’t completely replace your written content, however, it’s a fantastic complement to written content and will greatly improve your overall message.

Enormous Benefits to Your Marketing Strategy

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world after Google. Since they are owned by Google, you are more likely to improve your search engine rank if you have a YouTube video embedded on your website. Also, Google now displays video in search results. This can be a huge boost to your marketing strategy as you can now improve your chances of being discovered for certain keywords. Videos are also easily shared across social media networks. So when you create original video content, you are maximizing your social media channels since your users are being driven to your content as opposed to away from your content.

Improved Trust

Videos really put a personality and a face to your brand. It helps give your brand a personal connection with your audience which can be a huge competitive advantage. According to research, 57% of consumers have reported that watching videos gave them the confidence to buy products and services online. People simply prefer to do business with people they know, or at least feel they know.


Video production is now an essential part of a successful marketing plan; particularly along side a comprehensive social media strategy. Equally importantly is that video production has become very cost effective as it is now possible to shoot a high quality, 4k video using your smartphone. Nevertheless, there are significant benefits to hiring seasoned professionals to help create your video content because successful video messaging requires far more than just quality footage. 

If you’re still wondering if your organization should produce videos to enhance sales and branding, stop! You should begin the process at once if you haven’t already started. 

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