5 Account Service Habits That Help Your Business

Author: Adam Sporrer

To be successful at account management we have to be multifaceted, not one-dimensional. We must understand your needs, be knowledgeable, stay consistent and focus on results. Developing the following five traits are essential to a successful client relationship. 

Industry Knowledge

We must speak our client’s language. Better account managers immerse themselves in your brand and become students of your industry. This includes the following:

  • Knowing the history of your company.
  • Having a consultative approach with you and your team.
  • Reading industry news to glean insights.
  • Conducting periodic research on your brand.
  • Talking with people who buy your products/​services. Asking them why?
  • Studying the competition.

By concentrating on our client’s vertical market, we identify potential opportunities. The more educated we are with the latest trends, the more likely we are to spot where the customers will be. Creating marketing campaigns, promotions, and outreach can be done much more effectively with a vertical focus.

This helps us keep growth and profitability as the ultimate end goal.


When we make a promise, we make sure to follow through. Being true to our word and establishing trust is crucial for relationship building. We focus on responsiveness, setting clear goals, establishing accurate timelines, maintaining high quality creative, and meeting the customer’s needs.

We aren’t just a vendor, we’re a partner. This means being invested in our clients business. We don’t want to just sell our services, we want to help solve problems.

By going the extra mile to foster trust, we gain mutual loyalty for each other. Great account people have a responsibility to facilitate the creation of great work


It’s important to have an open line of communication. This is especially important when it comes to project timelines, status updates, estimates, and invoicing.

Whichever ways work best for our clients is what we adapt to (personal calls, email, or team communication software.) This allows us to work with you every step of the way.

Our clients bring a critical point of view to each project, no matter how well versed we are with your business, having strong communication allows everyone on the team to be actively involved. 

This is also true within the walls of the agency. The account manager has to clearly convey our client’s needs to the rest of the agency team. When a team communicates clearly, we help each other succeed.


We never lose sight of the end goal – results. This requires our account managers to be highly organized and actively track outcomes. Campaign tracking helps us measure leads, sales, brand preference, website analytics, and demographics.

This data is then analyzed and put into recap reports by the manager. This helps the team evaluate marketing efforts, focusing in on the most effective and profitable channels for your brand.

Be A Professional

Daily hard work and egoless choices always lead us down the right path.

  • Give someone else the credit.
  • Listen and learn.
  • Do the work without any expectation of reward.
  • Do the right thing when no one is looking.
  • Show up every day with a positive attitude.

Client service requires us to be flexible, open-minded and have the ability to handle the unexpected with grace. By taking a sincere interest in your business and developing the 5 traits above, we are able to deliver positive results.