Dimensional Direct Mail

Cornell Dubilier manufactures aluminum electrolytic capacitors for the power electronics market. In this space, it’s tough to get attention from their target market of electrical design engineers. They wanted to separate themselves from the competition and create a marketing piece that would accomplish four things: command attention, connect with the user, provide valuable information and close the sale. 

What we did

We designed and developed a dimensional engineering kit to serve as both a promotional leave behind, and a product for purchase by engineers and distributors. The container housed five capacitors, an informational product brochure, and graphics designed to wow” the user. We produced five hundred pieces for delivery to specific targets.

Why it worked

By delivering such an innovative marketing piece, CDE was able to directly reach out to their customers and get noticed. Sales have been up and continually growing. Also, requests for the kit have doubled in the last twelve months. Testimonials have been positive and new product development (phase II) is currently underway. 

Cornell Dubilier
Direct Mail
Tempo Award Cde

2018 Tempo Award First Place Winner

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