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Digital Experience Management

Organizations can rely on Davis Harrison Dion (DHD) to build, source, integrate and manage the entire software tool chain needed to offer their customers, vendors and associates the best digital experience possible. With DHD as a creative AND technology partner, your organization can achieve its digital goals and look great doing it!

In-Bound Marketing Program

Our primary B2B and B2C digital experience directive is more ringing phones, more email inquiries and more submitted web forms. Davis Harrison Dion can marshal and/or manage all the tools necessary to achieve this. But in order to be successful, we also need something from you: a firm commitment to brand and growth!
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Content Management Systems

We extend and manage several content management systems and frameworks. These systems and frameworks provide much more than a pretty face for your organization. These custom built-out systems form the very foundation by which you communicate with your customers, vendors and associates. A few of the popular systems we support are:

Application Development

Portal and Internal CRUD
Stand alone applications or integrate with existing infrastructure serving customers, vendors and associates.
Mobile Application Development
iOS and Android application development using native technologies and/or several available abstracted technologies.
Data Analytics, Motion and Dashboards
DHD can develop and integrate the necessary tools to slice, dice, move and view your Organization's data sets to create timely, actionable information and intelligence.
Custom Application Development
We have a deep and very experienced bench, and our only technical limitations are our client's budgets. So don't be shy, give us a call and tell us what you have in mind! 312-332-0808.


Business to Business (B2B)
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Business to Consumer (B2C)
They all be hoppin and shoppin online. So get a shop bro.

Content and Relationship Management

Content Management Systems

The primary CMS platforms we manage and extend are Wordpress, Drupal, Craft CMS and Processwire. We are able to work with a handful of other platforms along with offering custom build-outs.
Customer Relationship Management
Whether building out or bolting on a custom application or extending the functionality of a handful of popular platforms, let us know how we can help make your CRM experience more beneficial.

Workflow and Process Automation

Digital Workflow and Process Automation
We help organizations continuously improve the execution and automation of their digital presence, marketing and sales related workflows and automations.
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Search Engine Management

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Take us out for a spin.

We’re confident all it takes is one assignment for you to be sold on DHD. Whether it’s branding, an integrated campaign, a website or a direct marketing effort, we’ll take on any challenge to prove we’ve got the talent, fire and desire to be your marketing partner.