RTA Pre-Tax Transit Benefits Program

Redesigning the RTA Transit Benefit Website

Regional Transportation Authority

The Transit Benefits Program Act was signed by Gov. Pritzker on July 28 and took effect on January 1, 2024. This legislature was intended to offer both employees and employers tax savings on the cost of their daily commutes.

DHD partnered with the RTA to redesign the Mytran​sit​ben​e​fit​.com website with the goal of bringing more awareness to the program. The design team focused on user experience, making the website easier to navigate while leading users towards a signup form and a downloadable program guide.

The site was migrated over from Drupal and built on Craft CMS, a new content management system. After a number of user experience meetings, we decided that the site should be split up into two distinct sections for each audience. Each side would have its own savings calculator, completely rebuilt from the ground up using Javascript and Alpine.js. The site was also tuned for mobile use and overall accessibility compliance.

The site was launched in the Spring of 2024, and reception has been overwhelmingly positive. Compared to the old website, the look and feel, as well as page speed performance was drastically improved. The site became the bedrock for a number of digital media campaigns aimed at increasing program enrollment.

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